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  • me: they're real
  • me: they're REAL
  • me: I love them
  • me: I'm going to cry
  • me: omg
  • me: what
  • me: they're real

@perrieeele when u get writers block what do u do………. Let me take a selfie ;)

Jesy performing Salute at the Summertime Ball

 I used to be the school swot, and kids threw stuff at my head because I was doing better than everyone else. They’d laugh, but I’m here now.

alittlemixstyleworld: "Hi love, we're a new Little Mix style blog and we were wondering if you could let your followers know? It's so much more fun if there's people actually following you and messaging you. Or maybe you can help me with my theme? It would mean the world. I understand if you can't though. Have a lovely day and thanks anyways."

yeeeeeeeeees xx

Now I’m done with all your negativity

And I’m gonna let it wash all over me

I’ll be stronger than your words, baby, I’m harder

My smile lights up the world, I’m flyin’ higher